Blackwood Gazette #88-Raphael Valiente Dethroned as Marco Desantana Surrenders

By Chester Seaton, New

2/2- The siege of Monteddor’s capitol continues to wind down this week. With the Julianos/Crowndon alliance officially recognized by the Crown, High King Raphael Valiente came to terms with the forces at his doorstep.

Valiente met with both Julianos and Fleet Admiral Winston Johannes this weekend, where he surrendered Blackwood magnate Marco Desantana. As of the most recent reports, Desantana was taken, alive, into the custody of Julianos’ forces, and his daughter Yolanda was officially appointed head of the family company.

Valiente was forced to surrender the crown as well. Many expected Julianos to assume the throne, but instead the position was given to Lord Mario Adallantes. Adallantes is rumored to be a paramour of the High Queen Romana Valiente who, despite the removal of her husband, has been allowed to remain on her seat. Julianos has been granted several governorships and several industrial and military contracts that all but make him the most powerful man in Monteddor.

As for the alliance, Crowndon has been granted first favors on several contracts within the Blackwood industry, including patrolling shipping routes and preference in allotment queues. This has caused an uproar in Nor Easter, who has not yet seen a lift in blockades. Yolanda Desantana claims the blockades have been lifted, but it will take ‘some time’ for some shipping schedules to return to normal.

Blackwood Gazette #88-Raphael Valiente Dethroned as Marco Desantana Surrenders

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