Blackwood Gazette #87-DEVELOPING: Crowndon Joins Julianos in Apparent Military Alliance

By Chester Seaton, News

26/1- The situation in Monteddor has taken a surprising turn this weekend, after the Crowndon military force mobilized late last week. According to reports coming out of the Monteddorian captial and the surrounding townships, an Imperial envoy was seen docking with Alejandro Julianos’ flagship in the late afternoon last freisday.

Several hours later, the main body of the Crowndonian Royal Air Corps arrived in the skies above the capital. Witnesses say that expected a battle to break out between Crowndon and Julianos’ forces. However, they watched in silence as the Air Corps warships fell in ranks with Julianos’ ships.

As of this mursday morning, the Crowndon military leadership has yet to release an official statement on this apparent alliance. However, we have received reports that the blockades of Blackwood supply routes into Crowndon have been lifted, and ships loaded with Blackwood have begun arriving in Toring, Walsh, and other major centers of trade.

As for the situation on the ground in the Monteddorian capitol, solid reports have been difficult to come by. One source claims that Julianos and Crowndon military officers left their ships yesterday afternoon to discuss terms of surrender with High King Raphael Valiente. More reports of small arms fire in the streets of the city followed thereafter. Whether or not this gunfire can be attributed to conflict or celebration remains to be seen.

Blackwood Gazette #87-DEVELOPING: Crowndon Joins Julianos in Apparent Military Alliance

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