Blackwood Gazette #86-Julianos/Desantana Remain Steadfast as Crowndon Amasses for Invasion

By Chester Seaton

19/1- The Triumvirate holds its collective breath today as Crowndon’s military forces begin gathering along the northern Monteddorian coast in preparation for an invasion. The goal of the invasion is to break the siege of the Monteddorian capital by Alejandro Julianos and Yolanda Desantana.

Many have predicted, and hoped, that this show of force may persuade Julianos and Desantana to break their siege or, at the very least, loosen their hold on Blackwood supply routes to the north. Despite the largest military in the world knocking on their door, the duo has remained steadfast.

Reaction to the growing force continues to draw skepticism and downright ire, both from Nor Easter, and from within Crowndon itself. Many analysts argue that Crowndon lacks the resources for a drawn out fight with Monteddor so soon after losing a war with Nor Easter. And Nor Easter is understandably nervous as well, seeing its former adversary mobilizing so soon.

Crowndon military officials claim that they have extended the offer of Alliance with Nor Easter, both to ease their angst and to make use of their extensive talents in intelligence gathering and sabotage. Nor Easter has instead refused such entreaties, calling Crowndon’s decision to interfere in Monteddorian concerns under the guise of restoring Blackwood shipments a pretense for restoring world standing after their defeat.

Of even more concern to some is the involvement of several privateering and mercenary interests based in Libertine’s Roost throwing in with the Crowndon military, as ramshackle ships belonging to those most people would describe as pirates have been reported following in the wake of Naval and Air Corps flotillas.

Plans for the invasion beyond the current muster remain under wraps, though there are rumblings that it could be underway within the next week.

Blackwood Gazette #86-Julianos/Desantana Remain Steadfast as Crowndon Amasses for Invasion

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