Blackwood Gazette #172- Pirate Bands Emboldened by World Wide Political Instability

By Isairo Palantes, Monteddorian Correspondent

5/8-According to a new Skyway report by the Imperial Sky Authority, pirate activity is up forty per cent over this time last year. The report cites worldwide political instability as the cause.

“Pirates are anarchic by nature,” said Crowndonian Admiral Winston Johannes. “It’s embedded into their philosophy, such as it is. So when they perceive a weakness on the part of authority, it should be no surprise that they eschew the trappings of our truces with the denizens of Libertine’s Roost and take to full on raiding and pillaging.”

The report cites that many of the ships being spotted raiding civilian and commercial air ships belong to merchant companies registered on Libertine’s Roost.

“We’ve always known that many of the ‘merchants’ based on the Roost engaged in the occasional raid,” Johannes said. “But now they’re doing it openly, and they’re flying the Blue and White banner while doing it.”

In addition to political instability, author Clement Aldridge Keene believes that recent comments by pirate captain Seylene Plamondon about being the last true pirate may have pushed many of the privateers based in the Roost to resume their plundering ways as a way to regain their status, but the report claims the activity began to upswing around the time the pirate hunter Johanna McKilroy was brought down by Captain Roderick La Pierre and his ship, the Pernicious Platitude.

Whatever the cause of this uptick in piracy, the Authority has issued a warning to those traveling along the Imperial borderlines, particularly over the Anadem and Des Anges mountain ranges. They have also increased patrols in these areas, as well as around Libertine’s Roost.

“The golden age of air piracy is long over,” Admiral Johannes said. “But we have not forgotten the methods that led to its ending. It would be in the best interest of these privateers to remember that.”

Blackwood Gazette #172- Pirate Bands Emboldened by World Wide Political Instability

Blackwood Gazette #6: Bank Full of Fish Gets Cleaned Out…In More Ways than One

24/4-After nearly a week long closure, the First Imperial Bank of Crowndon reopened this morning. Unfortunately, when the Bank manager opened the doors and took stock of the bank’s holdings, he discovered something disturbing.

“They took everything!” The manager said, through tears. “Almost a fifth of the city’s gold and silver, gone. You would think you can trust a crew of menial laborers with a vault full of gold.”
Authorities aren’t so sure that employees with sticky fingers are to blame, however.

“We are working under the theory at this moment that the entire thing was orchestrated,” said Deputy Chief Arthur Colingsworth. “The ship crashing into the bank, the dumping of the fish, the cleaning crew, everything.”

If this theory proves to be true, it would certainly make for one of the most bizarre heists in Crowndon history. Who could be the mastermind behind such a cunning task?

“We have a small list of candidates,” Colingsworth said. “The most popular candidate among the men right now is Pixie Sinclaire, but that’s only because she has a following in the department. The most reasonable explanation is a crew of pirates or mercenaries set the whole thing up. Probably a crack team led by Captain Ferdinand Gnash, or Seylene Plamondon.”

When asked if there was any truth to the rumor that the caper had been pulled off by former Crowndon Admiral Roderick Beauchamp La Pierre, who is rumored to have gone pirate, Colingsworth laughed.

“Absolutely not,” he said.

One is left wondering how such a thing could happen. Shouldn’t there be protocols in place to ensure that so much money can’t be stolen?

“You mean, protocols for when a ship full of tuna crashes into your bank and renders an entire city block uninhabitable for nearly a week?” The manager said. “No. We don’t have protocols in place for that.”

Blackwood Gazette #6: Bank Full of Fish Gets Cleaned Out…In More Ways than One