Blackwood Gazette #194- Second Julianos Expeditionary Arrives in the Colonies, Heads Directly Into the Deadlands

By Chester Seaton, News

25/9- The second wave of Alejandro Julianos’ expeditionary force arrived in the colonies last week. Unlike the first wave, which landed in the Monteddorian colony of Sal Diello, the second wave headed directly over the mountains into the Deadlands.

Citizens of Sal Diello claim that a small team of scientists from the first wave have set up a workspace in an old warehouse on the shore, which they report maintains a twenty four hour work cycle. They also say that ships come up the coast bi-weekly to drop off and pick up supplies and personnel.

The Julianos scientists are said to come to town often for R&R, and while they have no qualms about mingling with the colony’s citizens, they are reticent about discussing their work. However, they tell us that one night a team member got deep into his cups and began describing an “impending event that will soon change the way the world works, that will rearrange the current structure of power and economic balance, and will completely change if not erase the current borders of the Empire.” Or something to that effect.

Said staff member has not been seen in town since.

In any case, Julianos’ interests in whatever lies south of the mountains and in the Deadlands remains a source of mystery and, for many, concern. This is the first report we have of an expedition entering the mysterious Deadlands and returning. Rumor has it that the Triumvirate Authority and ruling bodies of Crowndon, Nor Easter, and Monteddor are very concerned about what has been discovered.

Even Monteddorian High King Mario Adallantes, who many believe to be nothing more than a puppet for Julianos, has been reported as suggesting the possibility of reigning Julianos in and demanding an explanation for his activities.

As always, Alejandro Julianos himself could not be reached for comment, and even his spokesperson declined to make a statement, hinting very strongly that the Blackwood Gazette had been blacklisted by Julianos following our recent reports on the disappearance of Andoni Saldazar.

Blackwood Gazette #194- Second Julianos Expeditionary Arrives in the Colonies, Heads Directly Into the Deadlands

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