Blackwood Gazette # 140: Julianos Forces Make Landfall in Monteddorian Colony of Sal Diello

By Hil Spencer, New Crowndon Correspondent

12/6-Reports are coming in that the mysterious fleet of Julianos ships spotted crossing the Barrier Ocean has made landfall in the Monteddorian colony of Sal Diello. According to Colonial Authorities, Marshals are on site, monitoring the situation.

Details so far are scant, but early reports indicate that armed presence is at a minimum. For the most part, the crew of Julianos’ ships appear to be comprised of civilians, and its cargo comprised of what appear to be supplies for mining.

Nearly twenty years ago, rumors of gold in the region led to an influx of settlers to the area. Conflicts, many of which persist to this day, broke out between the Monteddorian colonists who first settled the area and colonists from Crowndon and Nor Easter. In the end, all the hard work of prospecting and bloodshed amounted to nothing; nothing but the scantest deposits of gold were found in the nearby riverbed, its source deduced to be in the impassable mountains to the south, deep in the region known as the Deadlands.

Could a renewed interest in the region be underway? The Marshals have their doubts, saying that the newly arrived group looks ill prepared for an expedition into the Deadlands, a journey from which no explorer has ever returned.

Colonial authorities plan to send a retinue to Sal Diello shortly. Hopefully, details on Julianos’ interest in the region will be forthcoming.

Blackwood Gazette # 140: Julianos Forces Make Landfall in Monteddorian Colony of Sal Diello

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