Blackwood Gazette #125: Actor Hostander Alleroy Dies During Performance; Nobody Notices Until End of Show

By Alex Grosset, Arts and Entertainment

21/5- Fate has seen fit to deal the world of theatre a grievous blow, as storied actor (and personal friend) Hostander Alleroy suffered a failure of the heart last night during a performance of Delando’s ‘Fires of D’Kalm D’korr. He was 72 years of age.

Alleroy passed during the climax of the play, while giving the much lauded night time soliloquy. Unfortunately, since the soliloquy ends with the death of his character, the magister Echliender Brofskenbauer, and is immediately followed by a large battle that involves almost thirty actors on stage at once, no one noticed that Alleroy was dead until the final curtain call, when he did not get up and join the rest of the cast in a bow.

“Everyone was mortified,” said one member of the audience. “Absolutely mortified. I personally thought something might be wrong when Hostander hit the stage like a ton of bricks, but wrote it off as him simply giving the performance of a lifetime…which, well, I suppose he did. Oh, this is so horrible!”

Alleroy earned critical acclaim early in his career for his performance of Prince Coulette, in Wilhelm Shanksbaum’s classic play, Coulette. He became a fixture of Shanksbaumian theatrical troupes for the rest of his life. Commercial acclaim, however, eluded him until he took on the role of the magister in Delando’s high fantasy saga, ‘The Ichthylliad’ of which ‘Fires’ is the thirteenth entry.

“His casting was a godsend,” said Harol Bousey, the leader of Alleroy’s acting troupe. “Hostander just had a way of taking Delando’s nonsense and giving it weight. You might not have been able to understand any of it, but when Hostander spoke the lines, you damn well believed in it.”

Fans of Alleroy have taken to the streets outside the Empress theatre since this morning, holding a vigil for the actor. I plan to join them, once this story goes to press.

“Goodbyes are bittersweet things indeed, for though parting is painful, reunion is ever so uplifting.” –Wilhelm Shanksbaum, The Drake of Val Coursais.

Blackwood Gazette #125: Actor Hostander Alleroy Dies During Performance; Nobody Notices Until End of Show

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