Blackwood Gazette #124: Colonial Marshals Denied Permission to Enter Western Territories To Pursue Von Grimm Gang

By Hil Spence, New Crowndon Correspondent

20/5- The Colonial Marshals will not be able to continue their pursuit, as the representatives for the Western Territories have voted down the petition to enter their lands.

The decision comes after nearly a week long debate amongst territory leaders. The Marshals need 16 of 20 votes to enter, but received only twelve, despite promising early talks.

Officials expected the heaviest opposition to come from the Duv-Ayid territory, since many of its clans and tribes suffered the most greatly during the period of Westward Expansion. However, the Duv-Ayid representatives voted in favor of letting Marshals cross. Many have conjectured their support was merely a ploy to get Marshals into their territory as a trap, though no official endorsement of this idea has been stated (and such a statement is unlikely).

The heaviest, and most surprising, opposition actually came from the Delsoon Territory, with which most colonial trade occurs. The representatives from the Delsoon tribes stated fear of reprisals from neighboring, hostile territories as their reason. These fears were echoed by several other territories as well.

Not all hope is lost, however, as all of the territories agreed on one thing: if Von Grimm and his gang are located within their borders, they will be dealt with, with the understanding that the bandits are not sanctioned by the colonial government. The tenuous peace between Triumvirate colonies and the Territories will continue, it seems.

“Just as long as someone doesn’t do anything stupid,” said First Marshal General Job Stoll, when asked to comment. “Just to be safe, we’ve placed Field Marshal Lassiter on restricted leave. He was…most upset about the decision.”

Blackwood Gazette #124: Colonial Marshals Denied Permission to Enter Western Territories To Pursue Von Grimm Gang

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