Blackwood Gazette #121: Strident Whisper Crew Goes Free; Captain Remains in Detention

By Chester Seaton, News

15/5- A decision has been reached amongst the Six Guild Masters of Libertine’s Roost concerning the fates of the crew of a Crowndonion brig that docked there for repairs earlier this year. All Six agreed to release the crew of the Strident Whisper, but only after the ship’s captain, Armistan Cadbury, offered his freedom in exchange for that of his men. Cadbury will remain in detention to be sentenced at a later date. It is likely he will be put to death.

This decision has caused an uproar amongst the Admiralty, many of whom are calling for a full scale bombardment of the Roost should this sentence be carried out. The loudest voice has been, unsurprisingly, Commodore Lucien Keene.

“This…stipulation, if it can even be called that…is an obscenity,” Keene said. “The Guild Masters are testing our resolve, and if we let them win they’re just going to push harder. It’s bad enough that we already look the other way regarding activities on the Roost. Now we’re expected to put up one of our finest officers as collateral? If we do this, our claim to the title of ‘civilized’ erodes.”

These are strong words from an important man in Crowndon’s military hierarchy, and under normal circumstance would be worth heeding. Unfortunately, the Roost’s unique status within the Triumvirate’s shipping economy and its protective treaties with each member would spark a war between all three should just one decide to make a move against it.

“The majority of the Crowndon Admiralty has no interest in sparking a conflict with the Roost, and by extent, Nor Easter and Monteddor,” said Fleet Admiral Winston Johannes. “Leaving Captain Cadbury behind is a shame, but if it means we can bring the rest of those boys home then that is exactly what we will do. Cadbury himself recognized this, which is why he chose to bear responsibility. We will continue to petition for the Captain’s release, but I will not make any promises.”

The Strident Whisper and its crew are set to depart the Roost this weekend. Those involved with the dispute are expected to be reprimanded by military tribunal when they return.

Blackwood Gazette #121: Strident Whisper Crew Goes Free; Captain Remains in Detention

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