Blackwood Gazette #120: Julianos Announces New Cultural Preservation Initiative

By Isairo Palantes, Monteddorian Correspondent

14/5-Despite being in the middle of some major political and military moves to reshape the Monteddorian Empire, Alejandro Julianos has found the time for intellectual endeavors, as well. A spokesperson for the Julianos camp announced this week the formation of a council of top Monteddorian academics, in the fields of anthropology, history, and archaeology.

“Julianos recognizes the significance of our history,” the spokesperson said. “For too long, the pillars of Monteddorian society have overlooked the rich stores of knowledge and wisdom hidden in the ancient places of our land. Our civilization is built upon the foundation of one of the oldest known to still remain preserved. This initiative will ensure is stays that way in the face of current turmoil.”

The announcement of the council’s formation comes on the heels of news that several sites of historical importance were damaged or destroyed during the recent military coup, most notably the incident at Tarambor.

The initial stages of the Initiative will include stationing guards at all known Monteddorian archaeological sites. After that, teams from University of Monteddor City will be granted access to sites of their choice, followed soon by joint excavations with the University of Oeil de Fleur.

“This is an exciting moment,” said Professor Juan Nunez, of UMC. “Our knowledge of Ancient Monteddor atrophied under the reign of the Valiente monarchs. Julianos is the first ruler in nearly a hundred years to prioritize giving us the ability to make new discoveries in the field. Through the understanding we glean from new study, I believe the Monteddorian Empire will become stronger than ever.”

Blackwood Gazette #120: Julianos Announces New Cultural Preservation Initiative

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