Blackwood Gazette #119: One of Two Stolen Dragonfly Aircraft Recovered at Frontier’s Edge

By Hil Spencer, New Crowndon Correspondent

13/5- Colonial Marshals report that they have recovered one of the stolen Dragonfly aircraft used in the attack against second cavalry forces at Fort Winstone. They say the aircraft was heavily damaged, and likely abandoned.

“It’s good to know one of ours took one of those bastards down,” Field Marshal Ameron Lassiter said. “It’s a real boost to morale. I’ve got three thousand men here, chomping at the bit for a chance to deal some payback to that son of a [expletive removed] Von Grimm.”

Unfortunately for those men, they will have to wait for some time before following. The crippled craft was discovered on the edge of the Colonial Frontier, and it appears that Von Grimm and his gang have fled into the indigenous territories.

“Our treaties with the native peoples prevent us from crossing west of the Plasten Meridian,” said the Commanding General of the Colonial Militia, General Jonathan Hoster. “We’ll have to petition for entry among the various territory leaders. We’re on good standing with most of them at the moment, but things will get more complicated if Von Grimm crosses into Duv-Ayid territory, which isn’t far from the border. If he does, I doubt they will care that he’s a bandit on the run. It could lead to renewed hostilities.”

The petition to cross the Plasten Meridian is said to be in motion, with representatives from Locmina and Tarumansk territories (those closest to the border) already granting their permission, as well as promising aid despite some remaining bad blood with the latter. The other territories are on the fence, but early talks are promising. The Marshals will require an affirmative decision from sixteen of the twenty territories to proceed.

Blackwood Gazette #119: One of Two Stolen Dragonfly Aircraft Recovered at Frontier’s Edge

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