Blackwood Gazette 122: Captain Johanna McKilroy Re-Emerges After Battle with La Pierre; Promptly Arrested By Crowndon Authorities

By Chester Seaton, News

18/5- The reports surrounding Captain Johanna McKilroy’s demise have been greatly exaggerated, it would seem. The notorious pirate hunter, previously believed to have succumbed to injuries sustained in a battle with the pirate Roderick La Pierre several months ago, was seen leaving a hospital in the northern Crowndon port city of Carn Hattey Mills this weekend.

Witnesses to McKilroy’s reappearance have claimed that she sported a patch on her right eye, a brace on her left leg and a mechanical prosthetic on her right arm. Earlier reports stated that she lost the arm when her ship’s guillotine, used to execute pirates, came loose during the battle with La Pierre and took it off below the elbow.

Word traveled quickly through the town, and a contingent of Crowndon infantry rushed to the hospital, arresting the pirate hunter and several of her crew. The charges leveled against her include desertion (likely stemming from her leaving the Air Corps to join La Pierre after his exile), as well as the wanton destruction of several city blocks in Toring and reckless endangerment of Toring’s citizens during a battle with another pirate captain years ago.

The Crowndon military has not released any statements on their apprehension of the pirate hunter, or any details on when a trial might be held. The Gazette will certainly be following this story closely.


For a little bonus today, here’s a rough concept idea of Johanna McKilroy. It’s been a long while since I’ve done a Character Profile, so, here goes:

johannamckilroycroppedCaptain Johanna McKilroy: Former second in command aboard the Pernicious Platitude, served alongside Admiral Roderick Beauchamp La Pierre during their early years in the Air Corps. Believed La Pierre’s treatment after the war was undeserved and followed him into piracy. Her service didn’t last long, when she realized just how far La Pierre was willing to go. She left his crew and formed a freelance group of pirate hunters. La Pierre is her white whale, and the two have been playing a game of cat and mouse in the Imperial Skyways for years now. She is not completely unaware of the fact that her pursuit has brought out the same characteristics in herself that she shunned in La Pierre in the first place.


On another note, I’m happy to say that I put my nose to the grindstone this weekend and wound up with a plan for the next twenty five installments of the Gazette. Usually, I write and post, but I’m going to try and work up a nice buffer, for insurance against those days when I just stare at the screen for an hour or two and can’t seem to get anything done.

Blackwood Gazette 122: Captain Johanna McKilroy Re-Emerges After Battle with La Pierre; Promptly Arrested By Crowndon Authorities

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