Blackwood Gazette #189- Marcy Quail Destroys Competition in Rommsbach

By Huxley Pruitt, Sports

15/9- Marcy Quail may be on the verge of a winning streak in the Pandion Racing League, as she took the top spot in the Horizon division for the second race in a row. Not only did she win, she completely destroyed the competition.

The colonial born pilot once again found herself going head to head with Perys Kerby during the weekend’s last race. The two pilots stayed neck and neck for the first half of the race, until Quail blew past him at the turn around.

“I miscalculated the wind direction and over corrected,” Kerby said, taking full responsibility for his defeat. “It was a dumb mistake. Not to take away from Miss Quail’s victory. That was a difficult course, and a lesser pilot would have balked at some of the stunts I pulled to out-maneuver her.”

Despite Kerby’s admission that his defeat was a result of his own oversight, many other Horizon racers continue to accuse Quail of cheating. Some have even suggested that she and Kerby are romantically involved, and that Kerby took a dive.

“That’s a load and a half,” Quail said when asked about the accusations. “Kerby and me don’t even like each other. In fact we can’t stand each other, out of the cockpit. Loud mouthed braggarts, the both of us. But he’s honest…he’s a good racer, and he knows the only way he’s gonna beat me down the line is if he’s truthful about why he lost in the first place and fixes it. If the others would do the same thing, perhaps they’d have a chance against the Green Chopper.”

The Green Chopper refers to Quail’s aircraft, a souped-up first generation crop duster.

The victory puts Quail in the position of the being the first Horizon racer to face a Legacy racer at the Oeil de Fleur race in two weeks. The event will be the first where the two divisions will finally go head to head.

Blackwood Gazette #189- Marcy Quail Destroys Competition in Rommsbach

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