Blackwood Gazette # 168- Dismissive Smile Sighted in Sarnwain: McKilroy vs. La Pierre Round 2?

By Basilio Mura, Nor Easter Correspondent

30/7- Ever since his explosive escape from the ruins of Gerrza in Pharassus two weeks ago, no one has seen or heard from infamous air pirate Captain Roderick Beauchamp La Pierre. Rumors persist that he is somewhere in Sarnwain, likely having taken to ground in the dense jungles along the eastern coast to finish repairs to his ship.

It should come as no surprise then that La Pierre’s arch nemesis and former crew mate, the pirate huntress Captain Johanna McKilory, was recently spotted in the skies of the Sarnwainian Kingdom of Djidan on a course for Pharassus.

There could be other reasons for her arrival in Sarnwain, of course. Captain McKilroy is now almost as wanted in the Triumvirate as her prey to answer for destruction incurred while hunting said prey and escaping from Crowndon authorities several months ago. Some people fear that McKilroy might even be seeking an alliance with La Pierre, though many people investigating the situation agree that this scenario is unlikely.

“There’s simply too much bad blood between them,” said Lt. Vasili Pournaras, lead investigator on McKilroy’s case in Crowndon. “McKilroy’s status as a fugitive in Crowndon won’t push her to make amends with her former comrade. All it has done is take off any illusion of what she’s doing as sanctioned, and dispel the narrative of redemption surrounding her quest to bring down the monster she used to work for. She was always blood thirsty, but now she’s unquenchable. She’s nothing to lose, and I fear that she won’t be above setting all of Sarnwain’s jungles aflame in her hunt for La Pierre.”

Blackwood Gazette # 168- Dismissive Smile Sighted in Sarnwain: McKilroy vs. La Pierre Round 2?

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