Blackwood Gazette #159- “Impossible Hearts in Forgotten Lands” Gives First Hand Account of Adventures and Romances of Explorer Pierre Fordeau

By Alex Grosset, Arts and Entertainment

16/7-The Imperial Skyways of the Triumvirate are rife with tales of triumph and tragedy, heroism and sacrifice. This summer, one of the greatest and most mysterious of those tales is being told by the man who lived it.

Pierre Fordeu, the Nor Eastern Explorer who charted the southern coastline of the Newlands and pushed deep into jungles of Pyros, braving the dangers of erupting volcanoes, hostile locals, and vicious wildlife along the way, recently published his long awaited memoir, Impossible Hearts in Forgotten Lands. The book details his years exploring the coastlines and archipelagos of the Pyros Ocean, and his controversial years living in the city of Quin Loh.

Perhaps the most anticipated tale, however, is that of his much gossiped about years aboard the ship Hortencia’s Rage, and his tumultuous affair with the Pirate Queen Seylene Plamondon. Nearly half of the book’s page count is dedicated to giving, in great detail, an account of their various sordid nocturnal (and sometimes, midday) activities. In fact, it’s almost too much, and has already sent waves of protest through conservative circles in Crowndon. Even literary critics in Nor Easter, of all places, cite the salacious cataloging of various forms of carnal congress and how many people may or may not have been involved as being in poor taste. One episode in particular hints that a certain Nor Eastern royal took part in the goings on aboard the Rage during a sojourn to Oeil de Fleur (though Fordeu is smart enough not to name names in this regard).

In any case, the book offers a new view on well tread territory. Of particular interest is Fordeu’s downplaying of the role he played in the Kyrstati Uprising in Djidan, in which most tales paint him as the driving force. The memoir is now available in most major cities, though it is expected to circulate to smaller towns in the coming months. Negotiations are already underway with the Pelligratto Theatre Company for a stage adaption next year.

Blackwood Gazette #159- “Impossible Hearts in Forgotten Lands” Gives First Hand Account of Adventures and Romances of Explorer Pierre Fordeau

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