Blackwood Gazette # 158- Rinkenbach May Have Crossed Border Into Crowndon, Nor Easter Says

By Chester Seaton, News

15/7- After a long search of villages and townships in the Nor Eastern province of Des Anges, Nor Eastern investigators say that they have found substantial evidence that Sir Rigel Rinkenbach has crossed through the mountains into Crowndon.

“This is very disparaging, for a number of reasons,” said Feredic Caltou, an advisor to Empress Marcellete Bastian. “Given his close relationship with the Empress and her inner circles, Rinkenbach is privy to all sorts of Imperial secrets. He’s a serious security risk. His natural aptitude for science and mechanical design also presents reason for concern. Should Crowndon get their hooks in him, I shudder at the thought of him being installed as part of their military industry.”

That is, of course, if the Crowndon military doesn’t arrest or execute him out right.

“Let us not forget that Rinkenbach invented the Dragonfly aircraft that decimated Roderick La Pierre’s fleet at the Divide and cost them the war,” Caltou added. “While Rinkenbach enjoys a certain diplomatic immunity during pre-scheduled and tightly controlled appearances in Crowndon, there are many circles there that revile him nearly as much as their expatriated Admiral La Pierre. Should Rinkenbach be discovered, I fear for his life. The Empress is understandably distraught at this possible outcome.”

The Crowndon military commented on the possibility of Rinkenbach’s presence, and denied that any such action would be taken.

“While it’s true that many in Crowndon would see Rinkenbach’s head removed from his body, we are not the unreasonable brutes that Nor Easter likes to portray us as,” said Admiral Winston Johannes. “We are in a state of peace with Nor Easter, and none of us wants a repeat of the war two years ago. Given his relationship with the Empress, killing or arresting Rinkenbach holds no political value. Rather, if we located him, we would offer to return him as a show of good faith to the Nor Eastern Empire.”

Caltou’s response was skeptical.

“I’ll believe such a promise when it is delivered upon.”


Given their history, what do you think happens when the ruthless pirate Roderick La Pierre meets the brilliant inventor Sir Rigel Rinkenbach, the man most responsible for the loss of everything he held dear? Find out in Where, No One Knows, the first full length Blackwood Empire novel!

Blackwood Gazette # 158- Rinkenbach May Have Crossed Border Into Crowndon, Nor Easter Says

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