Blackwood Gazette #49: La Pierre Found, Shots Fired as Pirate Captain Refuses to Negotiate

by Chester Seaton, News

30/7-It was around dawn yesterday morning that Commander Alistaire Dunsworthy  and his fleet came across the notorious pirate Roderick La Pierre, who they had spent the last week searching for.

According to official reports released by the Crowndon military, Commander Dunsworthy signaled La Pierre’s ship, the Pernicious Platitude, and broke away from the fleet. The Commander believed they had achieved the desired result, but no sooner than Dunsworthy came into range of the Platitude, two fighter planes roared past and opened fire on Dunsworthy’s ship.

As the wreckage fell to the ocean below, the planes turned their attention to the rest of the pirate hunting fleet. Two more frigates were downed before the other ships regrouped and shot down the planes. By that time, La Pierre had disappeared.

Military officials are calling this a direct declaration of war on Crowndon by La Pierre. Several officers at the scene, however, expressed doubts that the planes could possibly belong to the pirate captain. This has led to speculation that a third party was involved. Officials have dismissed this claim.

Commander Alistair Dunsworthy and over half of his crew were killed. Of the other two ships, nearly twenty percent of all hands are either dead or missing.

Blackwood Gazette #49: La Pierre Found, Shots Fired as Pirate Captain Refuses to Negotiate

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