Blackwood Gazette #48: Leading Aeronautics Manufacturer Announces Racing League

by Huxley Pruitt, Sports

29/7-The CEO of Pandion Aerodynamics, Mathis Galland, announced plans today to establish a racing league built around high speed air planes.

“Now is the moment to do so, I think,” Galland said in a press release. “Montpellier’s automotive racing circuit has proven to be quite successful, and with aeronautic technology starting to make some startling leaps and bounds, competition will be fierce. Public interest in aeronautics is at a high right now. There’s a ton of money to be had.”

Galland was careful to stress that his decision wasn’t motivated purely by business. As the world’s leading manufacturer of fighter planes (in conjunction with Rinkenbach Research and Development), Galland thinks that the league would provide a great opportunity to expand out of the shadow of military application.

“I want to build something that doesn’t have to do with killing people,” Galland said. “I don’t want Pandion to be the company remembered solely for the destruction of Crowndon’s fleet, and subsequent operations around the world. A racing league, like any sport, would serve to bring people together, create a community of people sharing an interest and fuel friendly competition.”

Several freelance pilots have already shown an interest in participating in the league. Many of them are former military pilots, but others are participants in small, often illegal, local leagues along the Demon’s Coast.

“Our participants are already ready and willing,” Galland said. “Right now, we are working on legalities, and compiling a rule set and infrastructure for the actual events.”

Expect to hear more on this burgeoning sport in the months ahead.

Blackwood Gazette #48: Leading Aeronautics Manufacturer Announces Racing League

3 thoughts on “Blackwood Gazette #48: Leading Aeronautics Manufacturer Announces Racing League

  1. I wanna fly in the racing league! 🙂
    …here’s the thing, though. I loved your Game of Thrones reviews, but now we have to wait forever for more. So — forgive me if I’m being lazy here — even though I’ve looked into your Blackwood Empire pages, I’m a little fuzzy on how these newspaper articles work. I see them in my Reader and I’m intrigued, but I’m not sure where to even start, since you’ve clearly created a detailed world here. Any recommendations? Thanks!
    – Maria

    1. Thanks! Yeah, the wait for new GoT is going to be a long one. As for these articles, they’re just a fun way for me to flesh out the back story for some stories and book ideas I have swirling around in my head (they’re also a good way to make sure I’m writing every day). I’ve been meaning to compile them on their own page, but I’m lazy. I’ve considered putting them in a PDF like you did with “Almas”, but I kind of want to take another run at them and revise them a bit before doing that. As for any recommendations, my personal favorites have to do with the character of Rigel Rinkenbach. I’ll add a tag cloud to my page. Just find his name, click on it, and it should pull up a bunch of posts about him.

      1. Oh, don’t make them into a PDF like “Almas”…make them into a PDF in the format of an actual newspaper with articles and columns and stuff! That would be so. cool. I did that once for my students in a class I TAed where they all had to write about interesting events in Earth Science–just took the articles and smooshed them all into a fake little 2-page newspaper that I printed out and gave them. It was super fun…which, I suppose, helped combat potential laziness? Haha.

        Your newspaper articles keep popping up, and each time I want to read but am a little intimidated. I’ll have to gradually figure out how to navigate your world and characters so I can read them 🙂 Maybe Rigel Rinkenbach will be a good starting point!

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