Serial-The ‘Shroom Job, Part 1

“I can’t believe you tried to kill me,” Violet said.

Eli pretended not to hear her. He had been doing this a lot since the encounter with the Toad had left him deaf in one ear. Given the confined space of the train car, and the fact that she spoke loud and clearly, she wasn’t buying it. That and she saw his left eye glance at her before flicking back toward the train window and the lush jungle speeding by.

Violet sat back, frustrated. The socket where her right used to be itched something fierce. She clenched her hands and crossed them in front of her.

Don’t go poking at it, she told herself, repeating it several times in case she forgot. You’ll only make it worse.

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Serial-The ‘Shroom Job, Part 1

Short Story- The Doomsday Toad


The Doomsday Toad

A Tale of the Blackwood Empire by RB Pierce

Lots of weird things go through a man’s mind when he hasn’t moved in twenty four hours. He begins to question things. It starts with “what am I doing here”, in regards to the task he is currently performing. That then leads to the same question, only in regards to existence. Eli had gone past both points and back again.

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Short Story- The Doomsday Toad