Blackwood Gazette #240-Pillar Assassinations Breakthrough as Yves Law Enforcement Takes Suspect into Custody

By Chester Seaton, News

23/5/282- A major development took place concerning the murders of several prominent members of Triumvirate society this weekend, after officers in Yves took a suspect into custody Saturday night.

The arrest happened due to the efforts of the recently suspended Inspector Pavetta Janvier, who had been working on the case since it broke several months ago.

“I was put onto the trail of the suspect by an anonymous source,” Janvier told us. “It wasn’t much to go on at first, but with a little bit of effort and hostile persuasion, I was led to a small living space in Autumn Nook, on the south side.”

The living space, Janvier says, appears to have been used as a safe house of sorts for several individuals over the course of the last decade.

“The scene inside that apartment looks less like a crime scene and more like an archeological dig. The space is covered with various notes written in a hundred different hands and languages. The wooden walls and posts are marked with various tallies and archaic symbols—two of these sets appear to be some kind of macabre scoreboard. The one on the left seems to have won, a bloody hand print and aborted scratching on the right the only grisly evidence of what might have happened to the loser.”

The current occupant, and suspect, was found sleeping within when officers entered. Despite being caught off guard, apprehending the suspect proved costly.

“Traps had been set up throughout the small space leading from all points of ingress to where the suspect slept,” Janvier said. “They were densely packed, well hidden, and meticulously designed so as not to hurt the person who set them. We lost two men outright, and another four were injured, before the suspect even woke up and joined the fray.”

The suspect, a woman in her late twenties, standing over six feet tall and wearing long, raven black hair, was roused from her sleep. She pulled a six gun and opened fire, killing six more men.

“She was subdued while reloading,” Janvier says. “One of our officers was lucky enough to rush into the room and avoid setting something off. There was a scuffle, and he earned a broken nose for his trouble, but the woman was subdued.”

Further details about the woman in custody are being withheld at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped theories. The fact that she wielded a six gun and matches almost perfectly the description of a woman seen shooting up a town in the colonies last year has led many to speculate the suspect is one Arufina Villanova, an alleged assassin with the secretive and legendary Scarlet Circle.

As rewards for her efforts, Inspector Pavetta Janvier has been fully reinstated to her position.

Blackwood Gazette #240-Pillar Assassinations Breakthrough as Yves Law Enforcement Takes Suspect into Custody

Blackwood Gazette # 126: The Scarlet Circle Strikes in Monteddor! Julianos Opposition Assassinated Overnight

By Isairo Palantes

22/5- The legendary group of female assassins known as the Scarlet Circle are suspected in the deaths of several mid-level officials in Monteddor, according to a spokesperson for the Monteddorian Inter-Territorial Law Enforcement Agency (MITLEA).

The officials were each discovered in their offices yesterday, sitting at their desks with a bullet to the back of the head. Investigators believe that in several cases, the bodies were moved to be in this position. Blood from their wounds stained a piece of upcoming legislation, believed to be intentionally placed under their heads.

The wounds were consistent with that of a .45 revolver, like those carried by the storied Scarlet Circle assassins. The Scarlet Circle, believed to be a myth until a decade ago, became a recognized threat to the Empire after four of their number were caught during an attempt on the life of an ambassador from Pharassus, a country on the eastern continent of Sarnwain.

“We are unwilling to officially declare a motive,” said Pedral Verdon, Chief Inspector with the MITLEA. “But the working theory is that these murders were ordered by the rebel leader Dougherty, or others who share in her interests.”

This statement has been met with some controversy, however, as each of the officials murdered had recently expressed objections to Alejandro Julianos’ military supremacy. Detractors (who refuse to be identified) point out that Julianos would have much to gain by the removal of these men. They also point out that the MITLEA falls under his command.

“These accusations are understandable,” said a Julianos spokesperson. “But they are false. The legislation found at the scene was the result of Julianos working with these individuals to reach a compromise, an effort which would have soon borne fruit. A more likely scenario is that rebel leaders learned of this, saw the compromise as a betrayal, and ordered them killed. The fact that Dougherty is said to carry a revolver herself should be considered, as well.”

MITLEA has no details to offer on the identities of the assassins, but say that if the Circle was indeed involved, they would all be women, either of Monteddorian or Sarnwainian heritage and between the ages of fifteen and thirty-five, traveling alone and likely heading east to Sarnwain, where the Circle is said to be headquartered.

Blackwood Gazette # 126: The Scarlet Circle Strikes in Monteddor! Julianos Opposition Assassinated Overnight

Blackwood Gazette #3: Politician Killed in Purrrfect Assassination (sorry)

The Governor of Walsh, Thedore Francis Williamsburg of Thorndyke the Third, was found dead this morning. Cause of death: he was suffocated…with his pet cat, Peaches.

“It was the strangest thing I ever saw,” said Governor Williamsburg’s maid, who discovered the body. “I came into the room, to wake [the governor], and found him dead, covered in cat hair.”

Inspectors say that the death was likely foul play. When asked about the motive and possible suspects, they refused to comment. That hasn’t stopped members of the Governor’s social circle from speculating.

“If you ask me,” said one prominent friend of the deceased who asked to remain anonymous, “It was the Scarlet Circle. This has their stench about it, believe me. They specialize in this kind of [madness]. Who knows who’s going to be next? Worse, who knows how they’re going to go?”

No one seemed all that shaken up about the Governor’s death. The question on most peoples’ tongues is the welfare of the cat. House staff report that Peaches is unharmed, if a bit traumatized.

“Let’s see how you feel after being used as a murder weapon,” said the maid. “She was huddled up in the corner, hissing at anyone that came near. Poor thing.”

More on this story as it develops.

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Blackwood Gazette #3: Politician Killed in Purrrfect Assassination (sorry)