Blackwood Gazette #278-Actress Rochelle Walsh Receives Lifetime Achievement Award from Oeil De Fleur University

By Alex Grosset, Arts and Entertainment

1/12/282- Renowned actress and Crowndonian native Rochelle Walsh recently celebrated her 76th birthday. And while Walsh has not appeared on stage in nearly twenty five years, the University of Oeil De Fleur has bestowed upon her a Lifetime Achievement Award during a lavish ceremony earlier this week.

In attendance was the Empress Marcelette Bastian, who fellow attendees described to be in good humor despite recent turbulence within her court. The history between Walsh and the Empress is said to be a turbulent one; there were rumors of a romantic tryst between Her Grace’s father and Walsh in the years before his death nearly twelve years ago. Whatever the relationship between the Empress and the actress, it is said that her Imperial Majesty was the first to stand during the ovation as Walsh received her award.

Also in attendance was Delando, who has oft stated that he regrets never being afforded the opportunity to work with Walsh. His memory must be selective however, as it is well known that Walsh briefly intended to come out of retirement when Delando’s third play was in the process of casting. During that process, Delando infamously required Walsh to audition for the role, and then even more infamously denied her the part, stating that she was too old (despite his own script describing the character as being of equivalent age to the then 61 year old Walsh; Delando eventually gave the role to 20 year old starlet Alexa Motice, who never acted again).

In addition to her prolific acting career, Walsh is known for actively speaking out against her home nation of Crowndon during the Dividing War six years ago and attempting to use her wealth to help rehabilitate soldiers from both sides. Crowndon rejected her aid and exiled her for her condemnation of the war, a consequence she once called ‘cute’, as she had lived in Nor Easter for most of her life by that point. She was also instrumental in the 247 restoration of the original Empress Theatre, and in its reconstruction after a fire consumed the structure in 280.

Rochelle Walsh herself looked resplendent as she took the stage and accepted her well-deserved award. The star of over sixty plays and thousands of performances gave an impassioned speech thanking her fans and the Empire of Nor Easter. An after party was held, but Walsh did not attend.

Walsh is the first woman and non Nor Easter native to be given the award in its 43 year history.

Blackwood Gazette #278-Actress Rochelle Walsh Receives Lifetime Achievement Award from Oeil De Fleur University

Blackwood Gazette #260- Arrest of Duchess’ Son Sparks Royal Scandal in Nor Eastern Court

By Jeanne Dupris, Nor Eastern EIC

20/9/282- The Imperial court of Nor Eastern is in an uproar today and a prominent Duchess finds herself under heavy scrutiny after her son was arrested this weekend.

The teenaged Lord Rodahn Despartes, son of  Duchess Amelie Despartes of Amaranth in Sau Anoit, was discovered on palace grounds Saturday night, dancing on the grave of Sir Rigel Rinkenbach. Witnesses to the offense paint a damning picture.

“I came across the boy, under the influence of spirits and perched upon Sir Rinkenbach’s headstone, which he had defaced with slander most foul concerning the deceased and Her Imperial Majesty,” said the palace guardsman who found Despartes. “He was surrounded by empty bottles, and when I approached he stood up and began dancing, or something like it, and yelling obscenities at the deceased. He very nearly fell off. I was more concerned with the boy’s safety at that point than with the crime, as Sir Rinkenbach’s headstone is over three meters high.”

This wouldn’t be the first time the young lord has run afoul of the law. He was arrested two years ago when he stole a motor carriage from a salesman. He made it half a kilometer before the carriage broke down and listed into a tea shop, sending patrons running for cover and cracking the storefront fenestration.

Empress Bastian is said to be livid at the incident, ordering Lord Despartes to be held in the palace cells until a trial can be held, which she will oversee personally. Duchess Amelie is said to have sent several entreaties to the Empress for mercy, but we are told the Empress has not responded.

The incident has already caused great scandal within the Imperial court, with several other Dukes and Lords demanding Despartes be stripped of all titles and lands. The monarch of Sau Anoit has yet to make a public statement on the matter, though it is said there is no love lost between the Queen and the Duchess.

Blackwood Gazette #260- Arrest of Duchess’ Son Sparks Royal Scandal in Nor Eastern Court