Blackwood Gazette #313- Ganborran Mercenary Hired to Deal with Chirpy

5/4/283- The scourge of Chirpy, the Ganborran stink-monkey that escaped from the Oeil de Fleur Menagerie 3 months ago, may soon be at an end, if reports from the Oeil de Fleur city guard are to be believed. According to an inside source who refuses to be named, Empress Marcelette Bastian Herself has conscripted the legendary Ganborran Mercenary, Ilios Parnothocles et Zarios, to track, hunt, and eliminate the malodorous menace once and for all.

While details surrounding et Zarios are hard to come by, his reputation precedes him in Explorers Society circles the Triumvirate over. According to one Luca Depardieu, the head of the Official One and Only Flower’s Eye Society of Discovery and Intrepitude, et Zarios made a name for himself at a very young age, trapping and killing the largest game Ganborrah has to offer with nothing but a spear, including but not limited to Giant Ganborran Mud Oxen, Mammoth Ganborran Tree Huskers, Colossal Ganborran Pigeon Pitchers, and wolves.

We reached out to the Imperial Palace for official word on the hiring of et Zarios, but have yet to hear word. However, the sighting of a large man wearing furs and wielding a multitude of weapons arriving by Ganborran airship this past weekend would seem to lend credence to the rumour. The local air harbor master confirmed a man of that description causing quite a stir when the local customs agent asked the traveler to declare the contents of an oak trunk he carried with him. The man opened the trunk and, according to those present, several individuals who bore witness to the contents of the trunk turned green and have refused to speak of what they saw.

Get ready, Oeil de Fleur. We may have a fight on our hands. Who will win? Legendary merc or lowly stink-monkey? Only time will tell.

Blackwood Gazette #313- Ganborran Mercenary Hired to Deal with Chirpy

Character Profile: Captain Roderick Beauchamp La Pierre

So, as I said a couple of days ago, I am a story-teller. Then I left a website with a bunch of pages and nothing on them. Then I got hits and started thinking…hmm. I better start telling some stories!

Today I bring you a small helping, one of the main anti-protagonists from a series of stories and, hopefully, videos, I plan to write, produce, and release here through YouTube.

I’m also considering ideas for a Vlog. Since I’m wrapping up a degree in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, it would probably be conducive for this theoretical vlog to showcase an effect and go into detail the inspiration for the effect and how it was produced. Many of these effects will be obvious, but I think I will try to integrate some of them into the video, and leave the audience to figure out where the effect is, thus giving me some much-needed practice on my compositing skills while also giving the viewer something fun to do other than look at my ugly mug.

Without further ado, I give you Captain Roderick Beauchamp La Pierre, main anti-protagonist of “Blackwood Empire”!

Absinthe and Airships...Never a Good Combo...
“I’m teh King uth the Norf!”

Captain Roderick Beauchamp la Pierre: Former Admiral of the Crowndon aerial navy. Now a disgraced pirate. Lost almost his entire fleet of 42 ships in a desperate gamble that didn’t quite pan out during the Battle of the Divide. He was stripped of his command and exiled from the Northern Empire. He is now the captain of the Pernicious Platitude, a pirate vessel salvaged from the ship he went down on during the war.

Character Profile: Captain Roderick Beauchamp La Pierre