Blackwood Gazette #285- Rogue Nor Eastern Spy Reportedly Spotted in the Pyrossi Islands

By Isairo Palantes, Monteddorian Correspondent

12/12/282-Sources in the Pyrossi Island region have reported that former Nor Eastern Subterfuge Society agent Pixie Sinclaire, thought deceased, has been spotted in the port town of Xev ti Lais. If true, these reports could lead to dire consequences for Nor Easter.

Sinclaire, along with Sir Rigel Rinkenbach, were involved in the destruction of Sarnwainian military interests earlier this year. The incident led to a continent spanning man hunt that ended in the apparent deaths of Sinclaire and Rinkenbach. With the pair seemingly brought to justice, the Sarnwainian Empire seemed placated. If Sinclaire proves to still be drawing breath, however, it could reignite the situation.

Empress Marcelette Bastian was quick to try and dispel the rumors, saying that there are millions of women in Nor Easter and around the world that match Sinclaire’s description (although, reports that the woman in question was meeting with a known information broker and black market salesman doesn’t help matters). She also went on to explain that if Sinclaire is alive, it is not the result of an attempt by the Nor Eastern Empire to dupe Sarnwain.

No statement on the matter has been given by the Sarnwainian Empire. This news, however, comes hot on the heels of a military demonstration of new weaponized vehicles close to the Sarnwainian/Triumvirate border. Military officials state that the weapons test is unlikely to be a response to this report, but the rumors of Sinclaire being alive could exacerbate the situation if not put to rest quickly.

Blackwood Gazette #285- Rogue Nor Eastern Spy Reportedly Spotted in the Pyrossi Islands

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