Blackwood Gazette# 279- Anonymous Source Leaks Pictorgraphs of Dead Following Klankenvroot Purge

By Jeanne Dupris, Nor Eastern EIC

4/12/282- Crowndon is in an uproar today, following the release of pictographs depicting the aftermath of the Klankenvroot Purge, as it’s come to be known in the rest of the Triumvirate.

I say the rest of the Triumvirate, because sources claim that nearly 85% of the Crowndon citizenry is under the belief that the Klankenvroot factory squatters were evicted peacefully, a story they were told either through sanitation of the story via the Ministry of Information Distribution, or outright lies. Any paper brave enough to tell the true story did so in the form of short blurbs buried on the inner pages.

Since the release of the photos in the ‘Ex-Humanor’, an underground publication popular throughout the Triumvirate, the Ministry is said to be working overtime to suppress the issue’s distribution. Release of the information has outpaced the propagandist’s arm, however, and people are starting to ask questions.

The biggest hurdle these pictographs face, however, is the question of their authenticity. The venue of their publication certainly doesn’t help matters, but many of the graphs are poorly shot and hard to discern.

As for the source of the graphs, Crowndon authorities are said to be rounding up and interrogating anyone known to be associated with Oculus, the mysterious figure who runs the infamous tabloid. So far, their efforts have turned up nothing but go-betweens or ‘friends of friends who know a guy’.

Meanwhile, we here at the Gazette Nor Easter have employed the services of pictographers and police forensics experts to help validate or debunk the pictographs. Should they prove to be authentic, we will promise to do anything in our power to inform the people of the Crowndon Empire, who seem to be living in the shadow of an increasingly draconian government.

Blackwood Gazette# 279- Anonymous Source Leaks Pictorgraphs of Dead Following Klankenvroot Purge

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