Blackwood Gazette #275-Leviathan Escapee Tells Story of Horrific Conditions Aboard Prison Ship

By Jeanne Dupris, Nor Eastern EIC

18/11/282-Hjavern Newstead, the man recovered from a Monteddorian shipping lane late last month, has made a full recovery from his time at sea and released a statement about the conditions aboard the Leviathan prison ship. The picture he paints is a horrific one.

According to Mister Newstead, the ship is already in heavy disrepair, despite having only been in operation for a year.

“When I got there, there was already leaks in the hull,” Newstead said. “Never got many details, being a prisoner and all, but overheard some talk about the weight of the ship stressing the connection welds, or something.”

According to Newstead, guards on the ship were overworked trying to maintain the prison population while constantly making repairs to the ship.

“Despite all the work they did, things only ever got worse. Woke up one morning to find the cell I shared with three other people half flooded. The two cells next to us, they wasn’t so lucky. They had to move us. Another couple of hours and we woulda drowned next.”

In addition to the ship’s state of disrepair, Newstead said that the warden was a complete tyrant.

“We hated him, and the guards hate him, too. I remember plans for mutinies. They almost always involved the guards and us working together. They were always rooted out, though. And it made the warden paranoid. That’s what happened to me. Not sure what I did, but the warden and the small cadre of loyal guards under him took me up top, told me they would make me sorry for causing unrest, and they threw me overboard.”

Newstead’s description of life aboard Leviathan has stirred interest in the matter by the Triumvirate Authority, who says they have begun the process of recalling the ship to investigate the matter. Hjavern Newstead will remain in the Monteddorian hospital until he recovers, at which point he will be turned over to Crowndonian authorities.

Blackwood Gazette #275-Leviathan Escapee Tells Story of Horrific Conditions Aboard Prison Ship

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