Blackwood Gazette #261- Former Gazette Reporters Accused of Sedition to FINALLY See Trial

By Jeanne Dupris, Nor Eastern EIC

23/9/282- The staff members of our mother branch in Crowndon who found themselves charged with sedition at the end of Sixth Month of this year will finally see their day in court.

The chief defendants in the case are Maurice Merchant, Editor in Chief and owner of the Gazette, and Ada Herschel, former science and technology writer for the Crowndon branch. Miss Herschel was taken into custody after painting the Crowndon military’s conference during the Industry and Innovation Conference in a negative light. Mister Merchant was taken into custody shortly thereafter in order to ascertain his complicity with statements made by Miss Herschel.

Neither party has been heard from or seen since their arrests. Many expected nothing more than a brief censure (this reporter included), until the Crowndon government issued a statement saying the pair, along with several other Crowndon based reporters and one Nor Eastern liaison, were being charged with intending to incite civil unrest through slanderous implications that the Crowndon military was planning to assert control over the oligarchy.

The prosecutor for the case is one Eldon Rynn Henessy, most well-known for his work on the trial and eventual exile of Admiral Roderick Beauchamp La Pierre, and the impeaching of Roland Hatterfield, a case many thought impossible to win. In a statement released last night, Henessy said that he fully intends to get to the root of the issue, and promises to pursue the harshest punishment allowable.

That punishment is public execution, a sentence that has not been carried out in nearly seventy five years.

It is this reporter’s belief, and the belief of many of my colleagues, that these charges and suggested sentencing are an affront to the Triumvirate Authority, which is why we urge the Authority to step in put a stop to this farce. I also urge any Crowndonian citizen who reads this to petition their government to pressure the oligarchy to reconsider these charges. At the very least, we should try to bring the sentencing down to exile. The Nor Eastern branch of the Gazette would be more than willing to sponsor their citizenship in Oeil de Fleur.

Blackwood Gazette #261- Former Gazette Reporters Accused of Sedition to FINALLY See Trial

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