Blackwood Gazette #236- Former Inspector says Summit Attackers are Target, Not Perpetrator of Pillar Assassinations

By Chester Seaton, News

2/5/282- The investigation surrounding the deaths of several prominent community pillars around the empire grows ever more muddled this week. Leaks from within Crowndonian and Nor Eastern law enforcement agencies seem to suggest that the leadership within said agencies have been tampering with evidence and sweeping certain facts about the victims under the rug.

According to an anonymous source, whose credentials have been confirmed by Chief Investigator Pavetta Janvier, the working theory that the murders had been enacted by agents connected to the Summit Attack last year is not only false, but backwards.

“The officer in question, who has since quit the service and gone into hiding, has told me that our current investigation has been led down a path of deception,” Inspector Janvier said. “According to him, those killed were not targets of the Summit Attackers, but heavily involved with them.”

The ramifications of this implication are staggering, to say the least. It would mean that not only did the victims have a connection to the attacks, but that those still living and associated with them and currently under the protection of various law enforcement and private security firms may have direct connections with the organization that nearly wiped out the Triumvirate leadership last year.

“If this is indeed the case,” Janvier said, “Then it is the first big break we’ve had concerning the entity working to break down the covenants that hold our society together. It is my belief that those we feel may be targets for assassination be detained, questioned, and investigated for possible connections to the so called Men in Blue.”

Such an investigation may not be so easy, however. The commissioners and chiefs of the various departments throughout Crowndon have denied any such accusations, and Inspector Janvier’s own Chief, Jean Marceau, was quick to dismiss Janvier’s claims.

“The idea that our departments, or the victims of these crimes, are complicit in some vast, society crumbling conspiracy is without base,” Marceau said. “We’ve placed Janvier under administrative leave for her seditious comments, pending an investigation into her own activities. While I do not personally suspect her of wrongdoing, that such a promising officer could be easily led down this preposterous rabbit hole is troubling, and illustrative of the stress this case and what it means to the Triumvirate is placing on all involved.”

Blackwood Gazette #236- Former Inspector says Summit Attackers are Target, Not Perpetrator of Pillar Assassinations

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