Blackwood Gazette #229-Rival Archeologists Set Out to Uncover Lost City; “A Scientific Race That Could Determine the Future of the World”

By Ada Herschel, Science and Technology

31/3/282- Ever since the missing explorer Uriah Farringdon Oke was recovered in the colonies, rambling about a mysterious ‘living city’, the archaeology community has been abuzz with speculation as to what such a discovery could mean. Now, two separate expeditions, led by noted rivals Doctor Veronica Trenum and Doctor Alex Congate, are set to strike out into the Deadlands.

“It is my firm belief that this is all poppycock,” Doctor Congate told us. “Unfortunately, said poppycock has dominated the discussion for the last three months with no end in sight. Even if there is nothing to be found, I feel it is my duty to right the course of academic discussion. It will also offer me the opportunity to finally debunk that hack, Ronnie Trenum.”

Doctor Trenum is more optimistic.

“My studies at Pre-Rift sites around the world have pointed to this junction. It is the crowned jewel of my scientific career, and any discoveries to be had will have lasting effects. This has the potential to be a scientific race that could determine the future of the world, even as it shines a light on its distant past.”

The scientific community is divided on the ramifications of this endeavor, as is to be expected. Many detractors state a concern that the spectacle of the race will dilute any discoveries made, with one prominent archaeologist comparing Doctors Trenum and Congate to ‘squabbling children who refuse to get along, more concerned with their own stars than any real science.’

Others have called into question whether Doctor Trenum should be undertaking this endeavor at all, given her recent year long ordeal in Lelina. Doctor Trenum was quick to dismiss any such allegations.

“It won’t do me any good to mope about, doing nothing,” she said. “I must get back out into the field at some point. And the challenges I overcame in the wilds of the Lelina swamps make me all the more qualified to survive anything the Deadlands have to throw at me.”

Neither Trenum nor Congate deigned to divulge the details of their expeditions, though both are believed to set out within the next month.

Blackwood Gazette #229-Rival Archeologists Set Out to Uncover Lost City; “A Scientific Race That Could Determine the Future of the World”

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