Blackwood Gazette #227-High Profile Murders Mean High Profits for Private Security Firms, Recent Reports Say

By Hunter o’Leary, Business

23/3/282- It would seem that the recent murders of high profile business men across Crowndon has driven many others to seek the protection of private security firms, if the recent earnings reports of several such firms are any indication.

Phalanx Protection, a firm based in Toring, told me that they’ve seen an ‘unprecedented’ rise in clients over the last month.

“We’ve had to start turning potential clients away,” said Yerman Ghilly, the CEO of Phalanx. “We may be a large firm, but our resources are limited, and if we are to continue providing our clients the elite level of service we promise, we must make sure our personnel aren’t spread too thin.”

Yerman went on to say that they’ve begun referring clients to Watcher’s Heights, an up and coming firm based in Walsh.

“These homicides have proven to be an enormous boon to our business,” said Samuel Harding, CEO of Watcher’s Heights. “Before last month, we were barely more than a start-up. Now we have clients from Toring and Sau Anoit. It’s been difficult keeping up with the growth of our customer base, but we are quickly hiring and training a healthy batch of fresh recruits, mainly veterans of the Dividing War and law enforcement officers eager for a more lucrative career.”

Some of these firms claim to have already seen some action. Crown Security, a prominent firm stationed in the capital which has made a name for itself protecting everyone from celebrities to foreign dignitaries reported that one of their teams foiled an attempt on an unnamed client two weeks ago.

“We succeeded in preventing the murder of a high profile client with connections to one of the previous victims,” said Charles Cooper, one of Crown Security’s veteran chiefs. “Where we failed, however, was in putting the assailant down. We won’t make that mistake again, and given the ferocity and determination of the suspect, we believe a second attempt will be inevitable. This

“The fight was brutal; it seemed less like an assassination and more like a crusade. I lost two highly trained men. If I were to give similar firms a piece of advice, it would be to ensure they get the job done. Whoever these people are, they aren’t messing about.”

Blackwood Gazette #227-High Profile Murders Mean High Profits for Private Security Firms, Recent Reports Say

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