Blackwood Empire #222- Prominent Business Man Murdered; Mysterious Figure Seen Fleeing Crime Scene

By Chester Seaton, News

24/2/282- Law enforcement officials in Yves revealed today that a prominent fixture in the country’s business community was found murdered yesterday morning. In addition to the murder, the victim’s office had been ransacked.

“It’s all very strange,” said Inspector Pavetta Janvier. “Many of my colleagues seem to think the evidence points to a burglary gone wrong, but the precision of the injuries which killed him seem to indicate a professional killer. Further supporting my theory is that nothing of immediate value was taken; the only thing that seems to be missing are files related to the victim’s business interests.”

An eyewitness to the events paints a strange picture of what happened the night of the murder.

“I was on my way home,” the eyewitness, whom the police are calling Jacque, said in his report. “I heard shouting from the third floor of the building, then three loud bangs, like gunshots. Frightened, I ducked into the alley between [the victim’s] building and my own. I thought I was hidden, when I heard a shuffling on the fire egress above me. I looked up and saw an individual, possibly a woman, in a long overcoat staring down at me. I thought I was done for! But she simply jumped from the egress to the roof of the next building and disappeared into the night.”

Inspector Janvier tells us that the department is treating this testimony with caution.

“I sounds a bit fantastical,” she said. “A shadowy figure, leaping from building to building. My captain believes the witness has read too many penny dreadfuls, of which I can say there were several in the witness’s office.”

Inspector Janvier said they would continue to follow other leads, but that those leads could not be shared in detail at this point. More on this story as it develops.

Blackwood Empire #222- Prominent Business Man Murdered; Mysterious Figure Seen Fleeing Crime Scene

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