Blackwood Gazette #210- Empress Marcellette Bastian Pledges Support for Julianos’ First Armored Fleet

By Chester Seaton, News

25/1/282- Reports out of Nor Easter this week indicate that Empress Marcellette Bastian of Nor Easter has pledged full financial support for Admiral Alejandro Julianos’ proposed first Armored fleet.

“I, and several other members of the Triumvirate power structure, owe our lives to the decisive actions of Admiral Julianos during the Summit attack,” Her Imperial Grace said in a statement. “It is but a small price to pay to ensure that his new airships can take to the skies and provide the security we so desperately need after having our Triumvirate shaken so.”

In addition to providing Julianos funds, the Empress plans to offer five of Nor Easter’s top Generals and Admirals, along with their army groups and fleets, to the Triumvirate Authority for training. She also plans to help strengthen Nor Easter’s own (decidedly small, compared to Crowndon and Monteddor) military with increased recruitment drives.

Empress Bastian’s newfound interest in military matters has sent shock waves through the governments of both Crowndon and Nor Easter.

“This is a sad day for Nor Easter,” said renowned Nor Eastern academic and philosopher Armaud Celar. “With a single statement, Empress Bastian has completely altered the course of Nor Easter’s focus away from the pursuit of knowledge and understanding to the waging of war, which we haven’t proven to be very good at in the past, mind you. I can only imagine what Crowndon will think of this.”

Celar won’t have to wait long to find out, as Crowndon General Henry McTolliver issued a statement shortly after.

“While I’m sure the Empress’ is being honest when she says she’s worried about the continued security of the Triumvirate, I feel I must remind every citizen of Crowndon that we were recently at war with Nor Easter,” General McTolliver said. “I’m also concerned about the increasing influence of the Triumvirate Authority and the waning dependence on Crowndon to provide security for the skyways. I don’t trust Admiral Stapleton. And I sure as hell don’t trust Alejandro Julianos. Have we so easily forgotten that he was considered a criminal a mere two years ago? Giving him this fleet of advanced armored airships is insanity of the highest degree.”

With the Empress’ pledge, the Authority has increased the number of ships being constructed for the fleet from eight to twelve.

Blackwood Gazette #210- Empress Marcellette Bastian Pledges Support for Julianos’ First Armored Fleet

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