Blackwood Gazette #208- Outbreak of Chicken Pox On Board Waystation Bravo Reignites Superstitious Fears

By Chester Seaton, News

20/1/282- It would seem that Waystation Bravo’s renaissance has come to an end, as an outbreak of chicken pox has torn its way through the population this month.

Nearly ten percent of the station’s new population succumbed to the disease before Triumvirate medical teams were able to respond. While the team has managed to stem the spread of the virus for now, team leader Doctor Cornelius Despardu warns that the outbreak is far from over.

“Chicken pox is a common disease, and new treatments have helped greatly to dull the devastation it can cause in populations with established medical support,” Despardu said. “But on an isolated outpost such as this, once the disease takes root as it has done hear, the battle against it can be a long, drawn out thing, with many casualties.”

Haversham LLC, the company that initialized the Waystation system and controls much of its promotion, is scrambling to salvage the image of Waystation Bravo.

“People are still wary of the station after it went down two years ago and all those people vanished,” said a spokesperson for the company. “We’d finally gotten to a point where people were willing to set aside their superstitions and travel to the station. This latest incident is going to be disastrous. We’ve already got people outside of our offices in Monteddor City, chanting and praying and trying to ‘exorcise’ us. It’s embarrassing.”

Meanwhile, on the mainland and in the colonies, Triumvirate Authority officials are strictly monitoring airships traveling from and among the Waystations.

“Obviously, an outbreak on the mainland would be a horrible thing,” Doctor Despardu said. “But my main concern is the other stations and colonial settlements. We’ve already sent teams to Alpha, Charlie and Echo. With those teams ever vigilant in there screenings, we should be able to prevent any further outbreaks.”

Blackwood Gazette #208- Outbreak of Chicken Pox On Board Waystation Bravo Reignites Superstitious Fears

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