Blackwood Gazette #203-Alejandro Julianos Awarded the Guardian Medal for his Heroic Stand at the Summit Attack

By Chester Seaton, News

5/1/282- Thousands gathered in Monteddor City yesterday evening as Alejandro Julianos was awarded the Guardian of the Triumvirate Medal. He was awarded the medal for his actions during the attack on the Arms Summit late last year, actions which protected the lives of many key world leaders.

“The Triumvirate owes its continued stability to you, Admiral Julianos,” Empress Marcellete Bastian stated during her presentation of the award. “Without your quick thinking and endless valor, my life, and the lives of so many, would have ceased. You pulled the Empire from the brink of darkness, and in so doing have given us the chance to prepare for whatever challenges lay in wait.”

The Guardian medal has only been awarded twice in the history of the Triumvirate. The award was created shortly after the Triumvirate’s founding, to the Crowndon Admiral Herschel Engelbrugh, who with a fleet of only four ships held off four separate rebel armies long enough for the Triumph Accords to be signed. The second award was given only a few short years ago, to Sir Rigel Rinkenbach, after the end of the Dividing War. Empress Bastian presented that award as well.

Julianos himself accepted the award in silence, offering only words unheard by the masses gathered to the Empress herself. Whatever he said, the Empress is said to have been beside herself.

After the ceremony, Julianos left the festivities without comment. Rumor has it that he is planning a military proposal that stands to change the entire structure of Triumvirate Authority protocols.

Blackwood Gazette #203-Alejandro Julianos Awarded the Guardian Medal for his Heroic Stand at the Summit Attack

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