Blackwood Gazette #175- Sir Rigel Rinkenbach Returns to Oeil de Fleur; Is Promptly Arrested

Basilio Mura, Nor Eastern Correspondent

10/8- A man claiming to be Sir Rigel Rinkenbach was detained outside of a Rinkenbach R&D warehouse in Oeil de Fleur this weekend. Police say that he was beating on the door, demanding to be let in and ripping down the Imperial seizure notices plastered onto the building. He also had the remains of a dead owl in a cage with him.

“That’s how I knew it was him,” said the arresting officer. “That owl. What is that, like the fifth one, now?”

After being detained, Rinkenbach was taken to Oeil de Fleur’s main precinct and interviewed.

“He wasn’t exactly forthcoming about where he’d been or what prompted his disappearance,” said the police chief. “But we couldn’t get him to shut up about why he’d come back. Something about releasing an inferior product and slapping his name on it, followed by a rant about the value of his name and intellectual property interspersed with demands for jam biscuits and tea. Nonsense, mostly. You know how these auteurs can be.”

Rinkenbach was held in isolation overnight, before being picked up by several men dressed in the uniform of Empress Marcelette Bastian’s private guardsman.

“They didn’t state any reason why, and they didn’t need to,” the chief said. “When it comes to the Imperial Guard, you don’t get in their way unless you want to end up strapped to the bottom of an air ship, scraping paint off the hull. But it isn’t exactly a secret that Her Imperial Majesty and Rinkenbach have a thing. And let me tell you, Rinkenbach was not pleased at all about being turned over to their custody.”

The Imperial Palace has yet to issue a statement on the matter, despite requests for comment.

Blackwood Gazette #175- Sir Rigel Rinkenbach Returns to Oeil de Fleur; Is Promptly Arrested

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