Blackwood Gazette #161- Legacy Racing League Brings the Heat to Serpent’s Tongue Canyon

By Huxley Pruitt, Sports

20/7– The reigning narrative coming out of the inaugural event of Pandion’s Racing League two weeks ago was that while the spectacle of the races won over legions of fans (attendance doubled this week, we are told, despite a more remote location) and more than delivered on its promise of high stakes action in the skies, it was the amateur racers in the Horizon League that brought most fans to their feet.

If there were any doubts about the Legacy League’s ability to deliver the edge of your seat thrills that the Horizon league brought, those doubts were all but dispelled by this week’s event in the Serpent’s Tongue Canyon.

Tobias Cuthbertson, who took the top podium in Walsh and was a top contender for this event as well, dropped a staggering six places, being displaced by Gargery Dobbs. It is Dobbs’ who is credited with provided the additional spark that many felt the Legacy League was missing in Walsh. The young pilot from Willanna pushed his aircraft to the limit, knifing through narrow passages that other pilots avoided in an effort to keep ahead of the competition. This in turn pushed the other members of the league to step up and take risks they may not have otherwise, providing an all-around much more entertaining event.

As for the Horizon League, they were once again the large draw, with attendance swelling a further quarter over the Walsh event. This week brought the exhibition-only stunt race of last week as the main event, where both speed and maneuverability came into play as the hot shot amateurs used the canyon’s unique geography to their advantage. In this area, no one out flew the notorious Lakenheath Twins, Bud and Bruce, who ended up going head to head with each other in the final event and taking first and second place, respectively.

Anticipation for the next event was already at a fever pitch, but the announcement of the venue has already sent fans rushing to ticket sellers. The next round of racing will be hosted on the notorious Waystation Bravo.

Blackwood Gazette #161- Legacy Racing League Brings the Heat to Serpent’s Tongue Canyon

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