Blackwood Gazette #150- Gazette Reporter Accused of Aiding Von Grimm Gang in Fort Winstone Massacre

By Maurice Merchant, Editor-in-Chief

3/7- Ever since the Dragonfly aircraft meant to aid Colonial Marshals in retaking Fort Winstone from Doctor Argyle Von Grimm were hijacked and turned against the Marshals themselves, people have wondered how Von Grimm knew the aircraft were coming. An investigation into the matter has revealed startling evidence that our own correspondent, Mister Hil Spencer, was implicit in this atrocity.

The Gazette reported on the Marshals’ intent to use the aircraft against Von Grimm several days before they were shipped. Since telegraph wires coming in and out of the Fort had been cut in the first days of the Marshals’ siege, and since the Gazette’s circulation in the Colonies is limited and late due to printing schedules, it was assumed the Von Grimm gang was cut off and we were given the go ahead to report the story.

The recent capture of a man affiliated with Von Grimm in a small town sixty miles east, however, has shed light on this story. The captured man claims that he was positioned in the town for the sole purpose of receiving wires from New Crowndon, and then relaying that information to a lookout at the fort using a lantern.

Thanks to the telegraph officer’s unusually meticulous record keeping, it was discovered that the messages regarding information on the aircrafts’ delivery schedule came from an office in the business quarter of New Crowndon, an office often frequented by Mister Spencer.

Mister Spencer was arrested late last night, and it is to the Gazette’s shame that the New Crowndon branch of the Gazette has been closed pending further investigation. As owner and proprietor of the Gazette, it is my duty to personally apologize to the families and loved ones of those who lost their lives outside of Fort Winstone. I vow that, going forward, we will take careful considerations concerning what information we print, and who is given that information to report.

Blackwood Gazette #150- Gazette Reporter Accused of Aiding Von Grimm Gang in Fort Winstone Massacre

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