Blackwood Gazette #144-IIC Wrap-Up: Is Rinkenbach Rinken-Done For?

By Hunter O’Leary, Business

19/6– In the wake of his disastrous behavior in Greenlille and his less than stellar showing at this year’s Industry and Innovation Conference, the market has begun to question the continued validity of Rigel Rinkenbach’s claim to being the foremost innovator in the Imperial Triumvirate.

Rinkenbach R&D stocks plummeted after the reveal of the Clockwork Butler Mark IV, with many citing that the lack of anything cutting edge in the new model indicates that Rinkenbach is simply resting on his laurels.

“Wow,” said one industry analyst. “Gyroscopes and a creepy voice box. I’m sure the wealthy will be lining up for a clockwork butler with goofy hands that can question their orders and scare the crap out of their children and pets.”

“He’s peaked,” said another. “Today, he’s revealing a feature that could easily be retrofitted onto his current model (and is indeed something many have already done with Mark III’s), and another that no one wants. He’s begun following trends instead of setting them. He’ll soon fade into obscurity, I reckon.”

Perhaps the most shattering thing to people’s faith in Rinkenbach is the fact that he’s disappeared. The Gazette has tried several times to reach Rinkenbach for comment, but no one in his offices seems to know how to contact him. We also have it on good faith that Rinkenbach has not been seen at the Empress’ court, and there are rumors that Imperial Authorities are searching for him as well.

Rumors abound as to the cause of his going silent; some say he might be embarrassed, but those who know him claim such a thing is poppycock. Many have suggested that his sudden disappearance is linked to the rumors that he’s making headway on the Blackwood Dilemma. If so, we wonder, has he gone into hiding for protection? Or has he been silently done away with, to protect the interests of the Desantana Blackwood Refining Company? One thing is for certain, any of these possibilities could hold dire consequences for the Triumvirate.

Blackwood Gazette #144-IIC Wrap-Up: Is Rinkenbach Rinken-Done For?

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