Blackwood Gazette #116: Monteddorian Ruins Damaged While Rooting Out Bandits; New Discoveries Made in Aftermath

By Isairo Palantes, Monteddorian Correspondent

8/5-Julianos forces tracking a group of rebels recently attacked an encampment located in the ruins of Tarambor, an ancient Monteddorian burial vault. When the dust settled, it was discovered that the ruins had been heavily damaged. But while such damage would typically be considered an academic tragedy, it seems there is a bright spot to be found.

“An ammo cache ignited when a stray bullet hit it,” said Colonel Estevar Araines. “It was stacked against the wall in what I’m told is the ‘rear antechamber’ or some such. It blew a hole in the floor, revealing an undiscovered passage that led deeper into the ground.”

While archaeologists around the world are livid about the way the passage was discovered, their curiosity about what could be found within has somewhat quelled their anger.

“Tarambor, until this point, was considered to be of little significance,” said Professor Juan Nunez, of the University of Monteddor City. “Not that that excuses the damage, of course. In any case, the discovery of this new passage means we must re-evaluate our current understanding of the structure of Monteddor’s ancient burial vaults. I am petitioning to form a team to be the first inside.”

It appears that Professor Nunez will be waiting for a while, as five other Universities, two of them from Nor Easter, are also petitioning for excavation rights. At the moment, the ruins are under the guard of Julianos forces.

“I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about that,” Professor Nunez went on to say. “Hopefully Alejandro Julianos is not too preoccupied with his little war to blind himself to the importance of this site, not only in Monteddorian history, but the history of the Triumvirate as well.”

Blackwood Gazette #116: Monteddorian Ruins Damaged While Rooting Out Bandits; New Discoveries Made in Aftermath

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