Blackwood Gazette #113: “She’s Alive, Dammit!”: Pixie Sinclaire Vows to Find Adella Chatelaine

By Basilio Mura, Nor Easter Correspondent

4/5- Family, friends, and co-workers gathered outside of the Gazette’s Nor Eastern offices today to pay their respects to Adella Chatelaine, who has been missing for nearly eight months. Those of us hoping for a quiet, somber gathering with which to say our goodbyes and close this chapter of our lives got something completely different.

Halfway through the eulogy, delivered by Maurice Merchant, owner and editor in chief of the Gazette, none other than proclaimed national heroine and subject of many a penny dreadful, Pixie Sinclaire, pushed her way through the crowd and nudged Mr. Merchant from the podium.

“Look at you all!” she cried at us. “Giving up on your best and brightest. We’ve seen no hide nor hair of Chatelaine, no further evidence of her demise other than that there is no evidence at all. I’ve known Adella for years, I know what she’s capable of. And let us not forget who she’s with—“

It was at this point that guards reached the stage and pulled Miss Sinclaire off the podium.

Her last words, as she was thrown into the back of an authority wagon:

“She’s alive, dammit! And if no one else will find her, I will!”

The local constable has yet to release a statement on any charges Sinclaire might face. Many of the mourners gathered were understandably upset, but a few others seemed oddly hopeful.

“They should let her go,” said a man who claimed to be Miss Chatelaine’s cousin. “If there’s any chance at all that Adella Chatelaine and the others can be found, then Pixie Sinclaire is the one to do it.”

Blackwood Gazette #113: “She’s Alive, Dammit!”: Pixie Sinclaire Vows to Find Adella Chatelaine

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