Blackwood Gazette #80: Northern Crowndon Faces Harsh Winter

16/12- Things are looking increasingly bleak in Northern Crowndon, since the first snows began to fall mid last month.

As previously reported, the situation in Monteddor has led to severe rationing of Blackwood in the Crowndonian Empire. Measures were taken to keep the small settlements and townships of Northern Crowndon alight, but as the conflict has drawn out those meager allotments have stopped completely. With winter in full swing now, even Caldebeck Bay, the largest city in the north, has gone dark.

To make matters worse, no one has heard from small villages like Nostholm in nearly a month. Imperial officials claim that the final reports from the region indicated that several of the town’s citizens were planning on migrating south to Caldebeck Bay, but no one ever arrived. Bay officials claimed to send out search parties, but harsh weather conditions prevented them from crossing the mountains.

With its northern territories facing significant losses due to exposure and starvation, the Crowndon government is facing increased pressure to intervene in the Desantana conflict. Their stance as of this report, however, remains the same: out of concern for disrupting the balance of power created by the alliances of the Triumvirate, neither the Empire of Crowndon, nor the Empire of NorEaster, will intervene in Monteddorian affairs without the blessing of Monteddor’s government, who continue to insist they have control over the situation. Monteddor’s capital city, meanwhile, finds itself in the second month of a siege by forces led by Alejandro Julianos and Yolanda Desantana.


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Blackwood Gazette #80: Northern Crowndon Faces Harsh Winter

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