Blackwood Gazette #78: Monteddor City Under Siege!

By Chester Seaton

27/10- The ‘family dispute’ between Blackwood magnate Marco Desantana and his heir, Yolanda, is threatening to escalate into a full scale war. Imperial officials report this morning that Yolanda Desantana, in a joint maneuver with Alejandro Julianos, have surrounded the Monteddorian capital and are blocking all traffic in and out of the city.

So far, the siege has not led to any large scale skirmishes with the Monteddorian military, who have been stationed throughout the city. High King Raphael Valiente claims that the situation is completely under control, although Crowndon intelligence points to another situation entirely.

“The force controlled by Alejandro Julianos and Yolanda Desantana isn’t some crowd of riotous thugs,” said one intelligence officer. “They are armies in and of themselves, and combined they outnumber the military presence in Monteddor City four to one. High King Valiente’s only hope is to capitulate to the demands set forth by Julianos and Desantana and give her father up, or hope for the other royal families to intervene, which isn’t likely. They’re waiting for their own opportunities.”

Besides numbers, Julianos has another advantage: air superiority in the form of several squadrons of fighter planes. How he got a hold of these aircraft is still a mystery, and is being called one of the biggest intelligence failures in the history of the Triumvirate.

Blackwood Gazette #78: Monteddor City Under Siege!

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