Blackwood Gazette #76: Journey to Lelina: A Brief Respite

By Adella Chatelaine

20/10- The men who found us were a posse of Colonial Marshals who’d been travelling south and heard the explosions. Mister Mackay threw Klaudhopper at their feet and informed them who he was. They arrested him and sent him, along with three of their number, to the nearest outpost, ten miles to the west. I cursed myself for not getting him to spill the beans about Waystation Bravo, but he wasn’t talking and the Marshal’s took him away too quickly for me to negotiate.

As for the rest of us, the Marshals agreed to escort us to the next town. The trip was without incident, although in my exhaustion I could have sworn I saw movement in the brush, trailing us. I suppose it may have been our attackers, but surely they would have trailed Mister Klaudhopper. In any case, we arrived without incident in the afternoon and were treated to lunch by the Marshals’ Chief after he found out who Doctor Trenum and I were. Apparently he’d been told to expect us.

After eating and getting patched up, the Chief informed us that he would be sending several Marshals with us (a revelation that caused a deep muttering grumble to emanate from Mister Mackay’s throat). He could not cite a specific reason for this, except that the situation in Lelina had changed. Townsfolk have started going missing.

Just one or two at first, the Chief told us. But this past weekend, ten people vanished in one night. I remembered Doctor Rothery’s tale of the Mist Walker. It is foolish, but it caused me to shiver.

We are set to leave in the morning. I am unsure what resources will be available to me in terms of sending out missives, as the area is said to be remote, so I will be sending copies of most of my gathered notes to my editor at the Blackwood Gazette. I know not what we will find in the swamps surrounding the town of Lelina; only know that the horizon ahead is gray, and the air increasingly stifling and humid.

Wish us luck.

Blackwood Gazette #76: Journey to Lelina: A Brief Respite

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