Blackwood Gazette #68-Alejandro Julianos Claims Responsibility for Convoy Attack

By Chester Seaton, News

19/9- The Crowndon Air Corps. Is livid today after the release of a statement by Alejandro Julianos, the head of one of Monteddor’s five royal families. The statement, released last night, took an adamant tone that no interference in the affairs of the Desantana dispute will be tolerated.

“As has been stated by our government,” the statement read, “We will not tolerate interlopers in our affairs. Crowndon and Nor Easter were both warned, and Crowndon did not listen. They have paid the price. If they truly wish for the swift conclusion of this dispute, they will refrain from further interference. This is not a warning.”

The statement goes on to describe the force that Julianos has amassed. While no specific numbers are given, the reaction from Crowndon military intelligence indicates that the threat is very real.

“We’ve observed squadrons of fixed wing fighters flying training sorties in the skies above Julianos’ region of control, and we’ve had reports of skirmishes between these fighters and the fighters of other royal families,” said a high level intelligence official. “We are not sure what Julianos intends to do with such a large force, but it apparently has the Monteddorian capital concerned, as well.”

The ever colorful General Bartolomeu Fross had this to say: “The nerve of this little rat bastard is stunning to say the least. A couple of months ago he was a joke amongst the Royal Families, and every source indicates that there is plenty of bad blood. You ask me, this is all smoke and mirrors. We need to go in there, take out the Desantana heir, and then turn our eye on Julianos. The other families will thank us, just you wait and see.”

Crowndon High Command followed these statements swiftly with an assurance that there are currently no plans to start a war with Monteddor, or any faction therein. They were also quick to reiterate that the original incursion was off the books, known only to a select few Generals, of whom Fross is believed to be a member. If such is shown to be true, then General Fross will be reprimanded appropriately.

Blackwood Gazette #68-Alejandro Julianos Claims Responsibility for Convoy Attack

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