Blackwood Gazette #52: Yolanda De Santana Takes Important Refinery; Cuts Blackwood Supply Lines

by Chester Seaton, News

5/8-Less than two weeks after Yolanda De Santana was seen attending a public family event, the heiress has renewed her hostilities against her father’s business interests.

Reports from Monteddor and a statement from Miss De Santana indicate that she has raided and occupied the Salassan refinery, a key element in Marco De Santana’s business ventures, as well as a major supplier of Blackwood throughout the Imperial Triumvirate. Furthermore, Miss De Santana’s forces have begun haranguing Blackwood transports along the South-North Route into Crowndon.

“This is a dire circumstance, to be sure,” said Bartolomeo Fross, General of Crowndon’s infantry. “It goes beyond Monteddorian familial politics and business. Cutting off the supply of Blackwood to Crowndon, Nor Easter, and the northern regions of Monteddor is tantamount to declaring war on the Triumvirate. If the situation is not resolved quickly, our existing reserves will run out within the year. We will have to intervene before that happens.”

The Empress of Nor Easter herself, Marcellette Bastian, issued a statement concerning the situation.

“I’m less eager to mention the possibility of another war, and even less eager to agree with a Crowndonian General, but unfortunately we see eye to eye on this. Blackwood is the lifeblood of our Triumvirate; it is the major component holding us all together. Without it, I fear the delicate facade of our alliance will quickly crumble. Something must be done, though I must stress the importance of diplomacy before force.”

And where do the rulers of Monteddor fall on this issue?

“Crowndon and Nor Easter need not worry about what happens in Monteddor,” said Raphael Valiente, Monteddor’s High King. “We will deal with this situation as events warrant. For now, this remains a matter within the De Santana family. It will play itself out, as all such things play out. Outside interference will only cause lingering tensions and future conflict sooner, rather than later.”

Blackwood Gazette #52: Yolanda De Santana Takes Important Refinery; Cuts Blackwood Supply Lines

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