Blackwood Gazette #44: The Hunt for Roderick La Pierre Begins; Special Task Force Leaves Port to Thunderous Applause

by Chester Seaton, News

22/7- The special unit of the Crowndon Air Corps set out late yesterday afternoon, with only one mission: to bring the nefarious air pirate, Roderick Beauchamp La Pierre, to justice.

Thousands of onlookers crowded the sky docks of the Crowndon Capitol to bid the task force good luck in finding the fiend, who most citizens agree is responsible for Crowndon’s sharp economic decline, as well as its loss of standing in Triumvirate politics.

We asked several of the well wishers their thoughts on the matter.

“I hope they find the rotten [expletive removed], that’s what,” said one man. “It’s like that guy at your paper said, it’s not just about the gold he took. It’s him who lost us the war. That’s when this all started. They should have strung him up then. My cousin’s boy was in that fleet, you know.”

Demands for La Pierre’s head were strong amongst members of the crowd. Just about every one asked knew someone or had known the friend of a friend who perished on that fateful day over the Divide, two and a half years ago.

However, Commander Alistair Dunsworthy, leader of the task group, said this: “Our mission is not to murder Roderick La Pierre. We are not a hit squad. We are to bring him in alive for military tribunal. He was an Admiral, after all, and a highly decorated one at that. A hero, by all accounts before the Divide. All too often we forget such inconvenient truths.”

If it seems that Alistair Dunsworthy’s comments are familiar, they should. His less than zealous attitude towards La Pierre’s crimes are well documented, as he was the only witness at La Pierre’s first tribunal who did not outright condemn him. We asked the Crowndon Air Corps Supreme Commander about the decision to appoint Dunsworthy to lead the task.

“He’s the only one with a chance of bringing La Pierre in alive,” he said. “Anyone else is likely to blow La Pierre out of the sky, first chance they get. And since Dunsworthy and La Pierre have a record together, we’re hoping La Pierre might hesitate at blowing Dunsworthy out of the sky as well. We are not the brutes your publication has started to make us out to be. La Pierre will stand trial, if at all possible. That’s all I have to say.”

Blackwood Gazette #44: The Hunt for Roderick La Pierre Begins; Special Task Force Leaves Port to Thunderous Applause

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