Blackwood Gazette #22: World Renowned Archaeologist Veronica Trenum Set to Join Team Investigating Lelina Ruins

by Chester Seaton, News

16/6– The scientific community is buzzing with news that Veronica Trenum is planning an expedition to the colonies next month to aid in the investigation of ruins recently discovered in the swamps there.

Trenum was made world famous last year for excavating the tomb of Sair Phaxamses, an ancient Sarwainian king. Her discoveries there shed new light on a Sarnwainian dynasty that had remained largely lost to history.

“Doctor Trenum brings a unique sensibility to the field,” said Johnathan DePlante, Professor of Archaeology for the Empress University. “She thinks outside the bounds of contemporary archaeological study, not beholden by current theories, and this allows her to focus on details and form ideas that help advance our study. These ideas are often controversial amongst her peers, but even her sternest detractors are unable to deny the value of her insights.”

Controversy is, perhaps, an understatement. At a dig in Pharassus several years ago, her tent was set aflame after she embarrassed the professor she was interning with at the time by disproving one of his theories. The attempt at destroying her evidence failed, however, because she sent copies of her findings to a colleague in NorEaster. (Rumors that this colleague was rival Pixie Sinclaire remained unconfirmed but persistent, despite denials from both parties.)

“The University of New Crowndon stands to gain a valuable member in [Doctor Trenum],” DePlante added. “I, for one, am extremely excited by what she will discover in Lelina. So little is known about prehistoric cultures in the Colonies.”

Doctor Trenum is currently en route to Oeil de Fleur to prepare for the expedition, and was unable to be reached for comment in time for this publication.

Chester Seaton is the Blackwood Gazette’s senior News writer. Seaton has been with the Gazette almost since the beginning, and remains a trusted voice throughout Crowndon. When the Gazette nearly went under last year and several reporters jumped ship, Seaton remained. When not reporting, he teaches journalism at the University of Toring. He lives in Toring with his wife, Elizabeth, and their orphaned granddaughter, Elsa.

Blackwood Gazette #22: World Renowned Archaeologist Veronica Trenum Set to Join Team Investigating Lelina Ruins

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