Blackwood Gazette #21: The IIC is Lost on Crowndon

by Eli Kinneany Wilderspin, Editorial

13/6- For the past fifty years, the Industry and Innovation Conference has been a beacon of hope in the night, a place where the greatest minds in the Triumvirate, and more specifically, Nor Easter, can come and offer the world a glimpse into a prosperous and wonderful future. Artists, inventors, and philosophers alike have met to speak and share ideas. Many of these ideas have come to fruition and made our lives that much richer. And, for the past fifty years, the Conference has been held in Nor Easter.

It is no surprise then that the first IIC to be held in Crowndon was a vacant shell of what the IIC is and was intended to be. The show was marked by disaster, and most of what was shown had only one purpose: to kill and maim increasingly larger amounts of people in a shorter amount of time.

To put it bluntly, the emphasis put on ‘better’ weapons and military technology showed us all what Crowndon truly is: a nation of barbarians bent not on improving the Triumvirate, but on destroying it. The people of Crowndon are nothing more than remnant troglodytes parading around in suits, putting on a mockery of civilized society, concerned only with finding bigger rocks to throw at anyone not of Crowndonian origin.

The Crowndon military insists that their only intent is to provide security for the Triumvirate as a whole and expand its borders to increase the prosperity of us all. That may be true, for the moment. Their insistence on retaining their identity as Crowndon’s military, rather than the Triumvirate’s, raises serious doubts in my mind.

When I was a child in school, we had a bully that terrorized the rest of us. One day, a larger child stepped up and put the bully in his place. There was peace for a time, but eventually the large child realized just how large he was, and became a bully himself. Crowndon is that large child, ladies and gentlemen, and there is no one larger. What happens when Crowndon realizes just how powerful it is?

Have we forgotten the Dividing War, which ended just three years ago, and how it started? Crowndon tried to exert its size then, and it was Nor Eastern ingenuity that cast them down. But just barely, and I sometimes worry if the ingenuity we employed was in fact just  a piece of Crowndon’s animal drive infecting our collective psyche. If the IIC is meant to be a window into the Triumvirate’s future, then what I saw this year has me concerned. You all should be concerned, as well.

Eli Kinneany Wilderspin is the Blackwood Gazette’s Nor Eastern editorial writer. A graduate of the Empress University, Wilderspin proved himself a sharp and fearless commentator on Triumvirate society, focusing the brunt of his ire on Crowndon. The Gazette, being a Crowndon based paper, has received harsh criticism for hiring Wilderspin, but since we started publishing his articles, sales have gone up not only in Nor Easter, but Crowndon as well.

Blackwood Gazette #21: The IIC is Lost on Crowndon

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