A Personal Update

For those who read my blog, I apologize for not posting recently. About a week ago, my laptop blue screened on me and I lost a great deal of work, including a near final draft of a book I hoped to publish through CreateSpace by June, as well as the art assets for the trailer I was making to promote it. I also lost the entirety of my NaNoWriMo entry for 2013. I’m not so broken up about that (it wasn’t very good), and I probably would have ended up rewriting 90% of it anyway. It’s my own fault in the end for growing complacent in my back-up habits. Lesson learned.

Luckily, I had an original draft of the novel I was revising on an external device. It’s the first draft I wrote for NaNo in 2012, and all the problems I’d been solving for the last month will have to be solved again, but those revisions are still fresh in my mind so they shouldn’t be much trouble. I was also able to salvage much of the back story material I’d written, thanks to the posts on this blog.

What burns me the most is the trailer. I’m not much of an illustrator, and it takes a great deal of time for me to produce an illustration I consider worth using. What’s more is that for the moment, I am without easy access to the programs needed to animate and render the final composition. Hopefully this will be remedied soon.

At the very least, this gives me an excuse to buy a new PC more suited to my needs as a Visual Effects artist, and I have landed my first interview since graduating from the Art Institute of Houston, so things are looking up (wish me luck. And if my potential employer happens to read this, I hope they take it as a testament to my candor and ability to learn from my mistakes). In the meantime, I’ve put my nose to the grindstone, and am working tirelessly to re-revise my next novel. My goal is still before June. Here’s to not giving up!

A Personal Update

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