Video-Overrun Title Design Concept (After Effects)

Conceptual opening title sequence for a short film I’m developing with KWaltonVFX and Boy on a Turtle. It’s a horror comedy about a group of severely mismatched people, including a military officer, a devil may care televangelist, a hipster, and a completely inept FPS player with delusions of heroism as they try to survive the apocalypse.

Video-Overrun Title Design Concept (After Effects)

6 thoughts on “Video-Overrun Title Design Concept (After Effects)

  1. Dude, seriously, this is incredible. I love it. Question: could you make a video like this for me (if I paid you)? It’d be an advert for a self-published book. I’m not offering yet, just asking – for the future. If so, do you have a junk email address I can send my contact info to?


      1. I’ve copied your email away and when I’m ready, if I go that route, I shall hit you up. Here’s a tip for you though: the forums are stocked to the gills with authors trying to market their own work. A little message in there saying “I make videos like the ones on” could get you some business 🙂 Those guys are also good targets because they won’t resent someone trying to sell something. 80% of them plug their own books in the forums on top of exchanging advice with each other on how to reach buyers.


  2. iwakoli1990iwakoli says:

    Hi liked the whole concept but i think there is too much of blue and the font size didnt really bring out the mood(but thats just my opinion) otherwise so good

    1. Thanks for the feedback! You’re right…the monochromatic blue scheme might be a bit TOO oppressive. I’ve been told by others that the background needs to pop a bit more, and is a bit static, so I might introduce some orange, as well as up the animation in the background (it’s there now, its just impossible to see, lol).

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