Help a Fellow Writer Out

Anybody who has tried to seriously make it as a professional writer knows that it isn’t easy. We need help, just like anybody else! So when it comes to my attention that someone is making a real bid at success in their field, I try to do what I can to help them out, meager as that contribution may be.

* * *


Everyone has a dream. Even the most cynical of people dream. Deep down in the cavern of the soul, beyond the place where they thought dreams went to die, people still nurture their dreams.

My friend Kate Shrewsday has a dream. For as long as I’ve known her, she’s written a fantabulous daily blog. I’ve met her and Phil for drinks in London. I correspond with her by email whenever I can without being a pest.


Her dream is to write journalistic pieces for pay.

Real money.

I know. I know.

Tough dream today.


YOU can help her realize her dream. Yes, YOU. I know you have five minutes……..EVERYONE has five spare minutes, no matter how busy they are. Please stop right now and give your five minutes to Kate and help her win Penguin Publishing’s Wayfarer Contest.

You can vote for Kate Pitt (her real name) by clicking this link:

You can ask your friends to vote for her. (It takes less than a minute, people. Every ONE of you has less than a minute.) Copy and paste the following message into Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr – wherever you are:

Please click this link and vote for my friend Kate Pitt to win Penguin’s Wayfarer contest and realize her dream:

If you have a blog, you have my permission copy this post (do NOT re-blog; people read YOUR words for a reason) and share it with your readers. If I’ve burned a personal favor by asking you to do this, so be it. I’m happy to shred a personal favor on behalf of someone else.

Until June 24, you can copy and paste the above link and share it as many times as you like. Five seconds, people. Five. That’s all it will take. Nobody is too busy to give another person five seconds a day.

Help a Fellow Writer Out

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